~ Billie Holiday ~

perhaps the greatest jazz vocalist of all time, billie revolutionized jazz and pop singing with her unique phrasing, timing, and improvisational style. 

april 7, 1915 to july 17, 1959


  our world is dealing with a lot right now . . .

but we will come through this time much better as a

society than we were before.  i felt it was important to hit

“pause” during this time of tremendous change, and focus on

the revolution at hand. Shanghai Mermaid stands in solidarity and support of the BLACK  LIVES MATTER movement; the demand for justice and racial equality, and an end to the

police brutality, racial violence, and deeply embedded

racism that has perpetuated throughout history.

we continue to honor the great black musicians

of jazz and the blues, America’s original art forms and

earliest American music of protest.  early jazz and blues

are what inspired the creation of Shanghai Mermaid in

the first place, and the awe and respect continues.

below the links, is a changing homage to the

great artists who changed music

as we know it.

there are many organizations to

donate to, and ways to get involved, but you

can help fund the movement here:


this additional link below includes amazing resources:

maps of protests, resources for protestors, voter information, funds for victims of police brutality, mental health resources,

and links to educational articles about white privilege

and the prevailing culture of oppression.