on saturday,  february 27th . . .

step back with

us into the glamour and the

decadence of 1920's/1930's shanghai.

dance beneath a golden chinese dragon, sip

secret elixirs, and watch performances conjured

from the nightclubs of old shanghai. take out your

fans, your cheongsams, and join us for a special


禧 發 財 

by the mid 1920s,

shanghai was known as the

"paris of the east", due to its glamorous

nightlife and european influences.  it was the

largest trading port in asia, and arguably, the most

decadent place on earth. gangsters ran the lucrative opium

trade, and, allegedly, the secret police.  violence was rampant,

especially for many native chinese, subject to political opression

as well as poverty.  shanghai was also home to thousands of

back-alley opium dens, brothels, gambling casinos, and

jazz clubs {employing mostly american musicians}.

in addition to vice, this was also the golden age

of chinese cinema, and theaters were filled

with high quality films that reflected

the many, varied walks of

chinese life.


come dressed

as a famous chinese actress,

a peking opera star, an opium trader,

an underworld kingpin, a displaced russian

aristocrat, a visiting japanese geisha, a gambler,

a british socialite, indian nobility, a shanghai lounge

singer, a french sailor, a taxi dancer, a corrupt police

chief, or any of the myriad characters that lit up

the fervent world of shanghai's nightlife

in its dramatic and colorful,

colonial era.


shanghai burlesque by calamity chang

whiskey-soaked, gut bucket blues by the hot sardines

japanese ritual fire performance by masae cathy satouchi

french, latin, and american jazz from the 1920s & 1930s

chinese classical dance by ling tang

and more to come . . .

禧 發 財  

doors open at 10pm.

music & performance

will begin shortly after doors

open, and continue until the wee

hours. there will be a bar on each floor

that accepts both credit cards and

cash, and there will be a coat-

check. the party is

21+ only.



advance ticket

sales are now closed. there

will be tickets at the door for $60.

please bring your paypal receipt or

payment confirmation, if possible. we

will also have your name on the paypal

list as well. {please remember that

tickets are non- refundable}.

see you soon!


are sold out.



the soirée will take place

at the the downtown association,

a grand mansion hidden away in lower

manhattan. please click the box

for address, directions,

and a map . . .


asian costume,

dressy vintage, formal

attire, or very dressy cocktail

attire is required. {you cannot be

overdressed}. casual dress will not be

admitted {even if you have purchased}

a ticket}. please let your guests know

about our dress code policy, so as to

avoid disappointment at the door.

{and, of course, jeans or tennis

shoes are never allowed}.

thank you!



this is

one of my very

favorite parties of the

year, and i'm so looking

forward to seeing

you there.

p.s. you are a monkey if you were born in:


click on the character

for "monkey" above, for a

lovely description of the


by flavor



禧 發 財


macao trading company:

311 church street

between lispenard and

walker streets in tribeca;

a block and a half south

of canal street, in


for the cocktail soiree:

the opium den lounge

has a separate, unmarked

entrance to the left of

the door to macao.


禧 發 財