9:45pm to 12:30am

the party begins on the dock at

9:45pm, as the band performs their

first set dockside. as soon as the boat is

ready for boarding (usually by 10:15pm),

we'll climb aboard, shove off at 10:30pm

for more music, cocktails, and stunning

views. we should be back ashore at

12:30am or a tiny bit later.

ahoy mateys!


the clipper city sailboat

both docks and sails from slip 2,

north of the staten island ferry terminal,

and at the southern most tip of battery

park. please click the box below for

directions, a map, etc.




there were just 2 tickets released that may

or may not still be available on the dock before we sail.

regardless,  you are welcome to come hear the band's first

set on the  ock from 9:45 - 10:15 before we shove off!


on friday, july 13th . . .

you are invited to join us as we

take a moonlight cruise on the hudson

river with the majestic manhattan skyline as

our backdrop. let us 'shanghai' you, and take you

hostage for an evening of cocktails, glamour, music,

and  romance.   THE  4th   STREET   NITEOWLS  will play

red hot washboard swing from the 1930's early swing era.

the party will be on the clipper city tall ship, a pre-civil war

era sailboat that's 158 feet long and a stunning 120 feet high.

we'll sail from 10:30pm - 12:30am, though the party will start

on the dock at 9:45pm with the band's first set. i hope you

can join us for a lovely evening of music and moonlight.

dressy and/or vintage attire is highly suggested, and

no casual attire requested. i promise you'll have

more fun if you dress up {overdressing is

impossible!) the weather will be grand,

and the views of the statue of

liberty and the city . . .


this is one

of the very few

sailboat soirées this

season, so i do hope

that you can

join us!

p.s. i'm hoping to do another sailboat soirée in september.

p.p.s. if you'd like to contact me, you can currently do so by by emailing

me at juliettecampbell@hotmail.com, though i may not be able to

get right back to you the day of a party.

visit us on instagram and facebook, and sign up for the

mailing list to be the first to know when tickets for events go on sale.

mailing listhttp://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=001XWTM8Vlkw3bb2jfiwtWqg-Odof-cCzI_LGiK0wmmm2F60HUH88MGyhtc4OgI5Ltqf59dqbAxKHC9Ne018SPU-g5_HyirbdWq5s5Q8vrW-bw%3D



there will be a bar

run by the sailboat's crew,

and our cigarette girl will have clove

cigarettes smuggled from java, fantasias,

chocolates, popcorn, {and we just might

have some of madame shanghai's

"secret potions" . . . shanghai'd

from a passing junket

en route to




you can still click on

the ticketing link to see a

few selected photos from

past sailboat soirees.